Temple Therapeutics

A deep fusion of

flowing massage + cranial tide work + energetic elixir therapy

Take the next step on your journey of healing arts training 

Byron Bay 2020


The mountain where the elixir of life was created. 

From the creators of Shemana Elixirs 

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All classes currently running from Byron Bay, see calendar tab for dates. 


“ Wow, Wow, Wow! My heart and soul are reset, refreshed and rested”


“I found this very powerful. My heart was closed and anxious at first but the class really opened up my heart and my mind. U will leave feeling light and less anxious”


“My gratitude for providing a space so that i can explore the subtleties of the heart“


“A profound class with powerful techniques to connect with. I left class feeling nourished and soothed, relaxed and peaceful. Thank you once again Anna, for your courage to take your students on a journey deep within the human body and spirit."


“Anna has so much knowledge to share and brings a beautiful presence to the space, allowing participants to drop in and nurture themselves and each other as well as picking up some potent new techniques to incorporate into their practice.”

“Inspiring, invigorating, thoroughly enjoyable.
Am leaving with my body relaxed, my practice increased and my heart open.”- 


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